Bitgur - cryptocurrency heat maps and NMR real time price

Dear Numeria users, is pleased to announce the launch of our realtime market data and rankings for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Numerai is here:

Very fast and useable mobile version
Live stream prices
Excelent performance report
Market heat maps
Several interesting filters. For example we can show only waves tokens.

In the near future:
Alerting system
ICO list
Free public API

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.

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It’s kinda shaming that the projects like this kind of left the market as the massive of date rose tremendously and only big players who have already possessed needed tools and resources for making sense out of the data. Now we have thousands of impostors and thousands of those who make profit out of the data. It would be strange to give such tools to a broad audience so the whole situation is extremely shady. The only good thing concerning crypto now is gambling. Check this guide