Components of reward? Am I missing someting or is it just less than 50 dollars on avg per tournement?


I believe Numerai to be a very interesting proposition both from the intellectual and the business point of view. I am just wondering if I understand correctly the reward value from the side of the data scientists that submit models to the tournements.
What does a reward consist of? I understand that if the data scientist stakes some numeraires then she has the possibility to win some numeraires and some usd prizes.
I am however wondering if I am missing something about the reward meaning and components for participating data scientists? In fact, by checking the results from the latest tournements, it seems that the total average reward for doing well on live data is less than 50 dollars per tournement? Is this is all there is as reward for the data scientists’ time and effort in analyzing the data and trying different models?
Said in other terms, I cannot believe that such a small reward value could be an incentive good enough for data scientist in spending a lot of effort in producing models?
I wonder then if I am missing some components about the real reward enjoyed by the participants?
Could please someone explain me if the participants obtain something more than a few dollars if successful?
Thanks for your attention.
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