Having trouble signing in?


I can’t log in, I put my information in and it shows me the leaderboard but not signed in.


@macau_420_bot can you let us know what browser you’re using?


Hey, @macau_420_bot

We pushed some code that bugged the login system. It should all be working again now.


New member and NMR investor. Can log in to forum.numer.ai but not the numer.ai/signin. Suggestions? Chrome 59.


Hey, @ArcaneCapital

DM me (jonathan) on our slack (https://slack.numer.ai) and I’ll figure it out.


i have the same problem,i can’t signin(numer.ai/signin),my browser is chrome 60.


it works!
some problems of my network.


I’m having trouble signing in today. anyone else?