How do I start earning NMR with 0 NMR?


You need to stake NMR to earn NMR, so how does someone with 0 NMR get started?


You can also earn NMR by placing in the top 100 during any round.


You don’t need NMR to make NMR. The regular part of the competition has a payout in USD and NMR. Once you have some NMR, you can stake it on the next competition to win additional USD. If your predictions do better than random, you get the NMR returned to you.


Right now there is almost a disincentive to stake Numeraire. I have 10 staked at a value of over $1000 for a bump in earnings of $2. For me that risk profile is too asymmetrical. I’ll be happy to see some Numeraire trickle into the account and right now could almost care less about the actual cash reward (if current pricing persists).