How does the new (as Of Feb 2018) contest work, for winning NMR?


I read everything on the “help” page, about the new contest format.

The contest to win $ looks the same as before: stake your NMR, at some confidence level, etc.

But NMR will NOT be won the same way anymore: you must stake NMR, to win NMR. But how, exactly? I can’t find a single clue, anywhere.


The 2000 NMR per week will now be paid out in the staking tournament, proportional to the USD. So you earn s/c in USD/ETC and s/3c in NMR.


Thanks once again, daenris, for answering my question! And once again, I’ll follow up by spouting my opinions.

It looks like there’s no longer any incentive whatsoever, to have the lowest logloss; any logloss < ln 2 is exactly as good as any other. It amazes me, that Numerai would want it that way.


Yes, that’s correct. At least as the competition stands right now, you’re just shooting for <ln 2. Having a super low logloss in the main competition was likely never very useful to Numerai, what is best for them is having models that are able to consistently beat the odds. In a perfect world they’d obviously want both consistency and low logloss, but consistency is the more important of the two.


Hello, I’m new to Numerai.
I have been submitting models since tournament #95 and got above the controlling capital line (also for other tournaments), however I never staked NMR because when I last read the “Help” page (approx. mid Feb) there was no reference to this new method of winning NMR…I guess an email to inform everyone wouldn’t have hurt.

I have one question. As a newcomer I have not earned NMR yet, and as the competition stands at the moment I will never be able to earn NMR nor $ unless I BUY some NMR myself and stake them on my models. Is this correct or is there another way I can earn NMR?



At the moment that is correct. The team is planning to release a reputation system in the next few weeks that presumably will allow some accounts who participate frequently with good models to earn additional NMR, but details haven’t been released yet.