How to withdrawl my Numeraire


I won a little NMR. How are you guys turning that into other currencies (preferably USD)?

I have coinbase, but there is plenty of warnings out there stating that that is not a good idea.

Is there a preferred exchange to turn that into ETH, BTC, USD?


I’ve used shapeshift in the past for other altcoins with no issues.


Bittrex exchange is where most of the NMR trading is happening.


How do I deposit NMR? I tried to send 1 there to a NMR address I generated from my balances page but it looks like it was lost? This is not very clearly explained.


If you got an NMR wallet address specifically from bittrex and sent 1 NMR from your account, it should go through. You can put your account address into and look at the token transactions to see if the transaction actually went through.


It did in fact go through-- just a little slow. I was able to get it all transferred over. Thanks!


@bagtf3 - Awesome that you managed to get it all transferred over, but did you not want to keep any NMR here to stake on tournaments?


Nope. [twenty chars]