Important question with models

Is there any free good models out there with their code that I could compare mine to? Does anyone know other strategies out there that have proven to be successful predicting the stock market. Along with their code available to the public or even how it works with descriptions.

The download of data for each competition round currently comes with code for an example model that performs well. (Note that Numerai have indicated that future scoring changes are likely to reduce the rewards for models similar to the example model.) Performance of all models is public, so you can compare yours against others as soon as you start submitting. Good luck!

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Hi! I’ve shared a year ago brief description and code for prediction generation here: Feature neutralization workflow . I don’t believe in that exact realization now (from theoretical point of view), but I still use that general idea. These models achived top of the leaderboard a year ago.


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I started few months ago. I recommend you to read everything on the forum, IMO it is the best way to quick start.