Invite Limit Reached for slack group


I tried signing up to the slack group, but it says that the Invite Limit is Reached.


Is there a maximum number of users that can join a slack group? Or is it that there is a big backlog of users whose invites are pending?


Even i tried the same, hope they remove the limit so that we can join the group as well :slight_smile:


+1 i am getting this too


Yesterday, Slack stopped allowing new users into our workspace. We will likely move to another system very soon (probably


I look forward to being able to access the new system.


We’re testing at, so feel free to swing by.


@pcmonk ive been trying to sign in in rocket chat but numerai login / pw aren’t working. do i need a rocket chat account?


@javibear Yes, you need a separate account, which you can make on You also can’t use the account credentials of any other server.