Launch an initial coin offering



Hello there,
Got some funds and can’t wait to start with crypto. Don’t get mining and feels like it’s better to start ICO then a farm, so can u please provide me with must known information about what should i do from the beginning?
Thanks in advance



should get you started.

And you can join the chat at


Thanks, never knew you could make predictions and then make money from it. Also, usefull guide i’ve found How to Launch an ICO


This is not the board for discussing ICO’s or general crypto. This is for discussing the Numerai competition.


Here’s a good list of all current and upcoming ICOs Hope it’ll be usefull. I scroll the list regulary.


The ICO market now is teetering on the precipice of disaster, thanks to scam startups. Meanwhile, there’s a ton of talented and potentially perspective ICOs around. The most perspective area now is gaming, Game Tester just launched $30 000 000 ICO and it is bound to succeed. Given the new amazing platforms for developers like Mobile Go coin , which is blocking chain-based project itself, you can easily make a great cash on your game or an app. You get 90% of revenue there as apposed to 70% at Playmarket.
Just be persistent and diligent and you’ll succeed in your endeavors. Hope it helps!