NMR Disappeared?



My NMR appears to have disappeared? I had a balance of 1,012.62 NMR. And all of a sudden, I login today, and it is all gone. I haven’t withdrawn it, and I haven’t staked any of it yet.

Does anyone know what that is all about?


hey, did you access this?? see the linked picture

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I have absolute know idea how my account was accessed. I never clicked on any suspicious links, that I am aware of. My passwords are strong, and I am in general pretty diligent with security. But someone, who the Numerai support team have identified as being located in Italy, managed to get access to my account, and they stole all the NMR in the account, changed the password and e-mail address so that I could no longer access by account. Not only have I lost all my winnings so far, but I also loose my performance history.

I wonder if selfish people who steal ever wonder what impact there actions have on the people they steel from.


that’s scary… as much as I want to build up more stores for staking, we may have to look at continually pushing off some percentage to paper wallets or a ledger. Really sorry to hear that. I wonder if there is any chance the Numerai server was breached and the passwords were accessed from there. It might not hurt for us to change our pw’s just in case.


We have no indication that our servers were breached in any way. Feel free to change your password if you wish, though.
We always recommend to have a strong password that isn’t used for other accounts. We also recommend enabling Two Factor Authentication.


I don’t think they hacked the Numerai servers. If they did there would be more cases. Also, it appears they gained access to my Dropbox account as well. There is nothing in my Dropbox account that I can think of which could lead to my Numerai account. But it does appear that both my Dropbox and Numerai accounts were accessed in that order. Both had different passwords. And I have changed all my passwords on everything last night after the incident.


that makes me feel better. I don’t have much NMR to lose, but want to keep it around all the same.