No Confirmation with Staking



My username is TenaciousTerrier. I’ve been competing on Numerai since late 2016. I know we can’t reverse transactions on Ethereum blockchain, but I’m a little irked that there are not any checks/confirmations on (1) staking, or (2) withdrawing NMR from your balance.

I just staked 5.0 NMR (with the intention of 0.10 confidence). Unfortunately, I mistakenly typed 5.0 in the confidence parameter as well. So now, I have staked essentially the equivalent of $100 - $200 in USD for the chance to earn $1. Staking $100 - $200 with potential to earn $50 seemed reasonable to me - what I have done is not reasonable for even the highest quality models on the site.

I’m not too peeved because I don’t have that much too lose here - but what is Numerai doing to help users check that the staking and withdrawals they make are reasonable? What if I had staked 200 NMR ($4000 - $5000). A little confirmation box like with any credit card or bank transaction would be super helpful! It would also increase my confidence that Numerai is helping to prevent me from doing stupid things that will make me lose a lot of money in the future!




The confirmation step is that you need to enter your password again to submit a stake or withdrawal request. At that point you should have already double/triple checked what you’re entering.


I’ve done the exact same thing, after the first time you probably won’t do it again. And, Daenris is right, when you enter that password, you need to be doubly sure that what you’ve entered is what you want.


Yes, I think you are definitely right. Glad I did with 5 NMR instead of 100 =p