Numerdash - R Shiny Web Interface for Analyzing Numerai Tournament Performance


Greetings fellow Data Scientists!

On behalf of Omni Analytics Group and the Numerai team, we’d like to formally announce the release of Numerdash, an R Shiny Web Interface for Analyzing Numerai Tournament Performance. You can find the public repository here:

The goal of this analysis tool is to allow Numerai participants to more easily track their tournament performance across time. It includes individual statistics on tournament rankings, earnings, log loss, overfitting, as well as, group performance on the main and staked competitions. There are also visualizations to help track how competitors are leveraging their NMR in the staked tournaments. We’ve taken special care to include a readme file that walks through the installation and execution of the dashboard. Our hope is that this dashboard will give the Numerai community even deeper insight into the quality of the models produced on the platform and spur further competition amongst participants. If you encounter a problem or have suggestions, feel free to open an issue.

Best of luck!
The Omni Analytics Team