[Proposal] Upgrading Numerai's Community Platform

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you forgot to replace “IoTex” with “Numerai” in the last part of your shilling form.

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I think governance is a relevant concern but such proposals should be coming from numerai modelers, in my view.

Oops! We are indeed doing an outreach initiative. The next steps for all communities are obviously the same which is where the mistake came from. Thanks for pointing it out!

Good to hear that governance is a relevant concern. Commonwealth and myself could work with numerai modelers to test to see if the platform could actually be valuable for numerai. Despite the perspective that my previous proposal mistake might have created, Commonwealth is actually an established governance platform. The preferred governance choice for Substrate projects

Including the url to the platform might also help. Back to shill school for you.


here you go! I was having issues adding it before. https://commonwealth.im/