Purchasing Numeraire to invest in fund

Hi, this may be a stupid question but seeing as there is no normal way to invest in this fund, would purchasing Numeraire have a similar effect? i.e the more successful the fund, the more the value of Numeraire goes up?

It’s certainly not true that there is no normal way to invest in Numerai. If you are an accredited investor with sufficient assets, you can invest directly in them.

Purchasing Numeraire is not the same as investing in the fund.

That said, Numeraire may potentially become more valuable over time if the fund is successful and grows larger and available staking payouts increase. But if you’re buying Numeraire without intending to use it in the competition, this is just speculative purchasing similar to purchasing any other cryptocurrency.

Thanks for the response.

I looked into NMR when it was launched, and I am having a second look now. Is there no “organic connection” between the fund and the competition then? Meaning the fund somewhat arbitrarily will choose high or low rewards, and could even maintain the competition alive just for fun (or to keep the market cap alive), ignoring the submitted models and running the fund on some other secret sauce for example? That would be my guess since NMR is not a security, and things would be more organic if NMR represented any share in the fund, even 0.1%, but then its price would be disconnected from the competition (I think).

So is NMR a competition token, a poker chip, good for as long as the casino is operating?

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