Scrollers in Firefox do not work


After your changes yesterday, scrolling in Firefox stopped working, thereby making it impossible to look down the table or to log off.


Remember when IE was the difficult browser to design for… I used to have to call completely different style sheets. I haven’t goofed enough with it lately to know if “Edge” is any better, surprised though that Firefox creates so many issues. I’m sure they’ll get on it with a quickness.

In the short term for logging off can you cntrl scroll out (shrinking the page to pull the “sign out” back into view). Additionally I’m wondering if a cntrl F will allow you to enter your name and go directly to your scores. As someone who generally ranks towards the bottom, scrolling to that location would take me all day. Cntrl-F for the win.

On a different note I just realized I misspelled my handle. That’s awesome.


Thanks for letting us know @Liborator.
I’ll get on that today.
What operating system are you on?


I am on Ubuntu 17.04, Jonathan


Thanks for the tip. When I zoom out from 100% to 80% then I can log out :slight_smile:


Your scrolling should be working again in the sidebar. Let me know if you’re still having a problem.


Yeah, Edge is leaps and bounds ahead of IE in terms of compatibility and compliance.


On a completely different note, this website, the design and functionality have come sooooooo far since launch. Really nice work.


Thanks a lot, @ObjecScience :smile: