Site Improvements



I am just on my 3rd Tournament and I understand this is an evolving project, so thought it might be a good idea to suggest a couple of features for consideration:

  1. Historical Prediction Feedback: It might be useful to keep track of one’s predictions through time and how they fared against results, I am doing it on an excel spreadsheet, but would be nice to have that functionality baked in.
  2. Consolidated account: I think if it is allowed to have 3 models submit predictions it could be helpful to have them all under one master account instead of 3 separate logins.
  3. Minor UI Selecting the Models name should scroll you to the current ranking.
  4. Learning Curve/Tutorial: The learning curve was pretty steep and the documentation I felt was aimed at experienced data scientists, not sure if that was by design, coming from other fields in A.I. I struggled interacting with the site and making my first predictions, I also feel the core concepts could be better explained.



Thanks for the feedback, @Keno.
We’ll have a chat about these ideas.



Clicking your name now scrolls you to your position on the main leaderboard.
Documentation and easier onboarding for new users is something we’ve been discussing internally for a little while.
Documentation/guides and UX hints will be rolling out soon.