Stake payout projections


Hi all,

I’ve been following the project for some time but am confused about the stake payouts and how they may be related to the performance of the hedge fund. In the article here it states

The value of Numeraire is connected to the stake payouts which will increase over time. Since Numeraire allows data scientists to earn more money by staking it, it is sensible to reason about its economic value. For example, the value of all Numeraire to a data scientist with a perfect model is the net present value of all the future stake payouts by Numerai.

Which is great and makes a lot of sense but I cannot find anything that links the stake payouts to the performance of the hedge fund. I presume this is purposefully not disclosed. At the moment the amounts are pretty trivial but is there a formal plan in place to increase staking payouts or is the value of Numeraire based on the assumption that if the hedge fund does well that staking profits will be increased?



The stake payouts are at the discretion of Numerai, but they’ve indicated a number of times in different interviews/etc that their intention is to increase the payouts as the fund does better. So no, there is no official, documented roadmap for payout increases, but yes they will increase with the fund’s performance.



Many thanks for the reply and confirms my understanding. This does make it incredibly hard to place a meaningful valuation on NMR.