The New Numerai Economy


The problem with NMR is that Numerai hold NMR coin destiny : The hedge fund can 1) change the rules by increase or decrease the allocation of NRM & BTC to win, like they did in flying plane 2) mine +/- or destroy +/- by changing the confidence level in log2 , 3) its communication is heavily constrained by US rules (we don’t know about performance and AuM) 4) not clear if they intend to sustain the NMR price, for instance they can buyback or do market making on NRM coin 5) a lot of people are frustrated to not be part of the rich people categories who are allowed to invest(1 M$), people already rich get even more rich, that’s not a good history sens IMO in this crazy capitalist world.

Blockchain revolution should aim lower cost and give access investment to everybody! But that ok I like Numerai initiative, but I feel disappointed because of the lack of transparency and link with Numerai performances. IMO.

Take a look on the upcoming new decentralized quantitative hedge funds for blockchain investors. Everybody can invest, so valuation of the Token is directly related to the Hedge Fund The problem with NMR is that Numerai have hold destinyperformance. That’s awesome!!

Could this token save the crypto bubble, by bridging the gap between cryptoworld and real investment assets! Like Napoleon did, Conquering the world, with this empereur token



@GreatConcept Here is another example of free money - DLR (

What do you think?