Unable to make submission of my predictions


I’m new here…
I’m unable to make submission, the error is that :CSV has 45642 predictions, expected 45653
I crosschecked the length of my data but it is 45642 not 45653.

pls, i need help


On the latest tournament, I get 45643 Rows on the predictions.csv file as well as on numerai_tournament_data.csv which I can submit successfully; I am guessing, but maybe your 45642 are due to your model removing the first row and 45643 is the expected number (which includes a column label) and not 45653.


It is 45643 because of the row for column names…
My predictions.csv also has 45643 rows with the column row…

I missed the deadline…Thanks for your contribution


What deadline? The tournament rounds end on Wednesdays.


I was working on tournament 66 yesterday, returning to the website this morning I saw tournament 67


I was having submission issues at first too. I practiced submitting where all of my predictions were 0.5, and once I got that working incorporated what I learned to my workflow.