"USD Paid" doesn't add up, for tournament 73


I’m looking at the page for the staking results, for tournament 73 (the last one resolved, as I write this post).

At the head of the page, it says “USD Paid $6774.78”. But when I add up then entries in the “PAID USD” column, the total is exactly $3,000.00 .

So what gives?


the balance is from the staking competition. there’s a tab right next to ‘all competition’. you’ll find the information there.


Thanks for trying to explain, but I still don’t get it. I can see the amounts that add up to $3,000.00, in the “PAID USD” column. Where do I find the amounts, that add up to the missing $3,774.78?

The words “all competition” appear nowhere on the page (unfindable by “cmd f”).


Okay, now I see those amounts, under the “all submissions” tab.

I hadn’t looked there for $ because, the impression I got from the “whitepaper”, was that $ were to be awarded ONLY in the staking competition. Perhaps that’s for future tournaments?


glad you found it yourself after the misdirect on my part. sorry about that. the staking comp is actually relatively new and was added about 10 competitions ago


Yes, they just recently announced that the staking winnings would be increasing to $6000/week and that the main tournament would ONLY pay out in NMR rather than NMR + USD, that’s starting for the current tournament, so the next few that resolve will still be under the old payout.