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This is Numerai’s official discussion forum.
It’s open to anyone interested in learning about and discussing Numerai and data science. We’ll also use this to make community announcements and to get feedback from you all regarding the competition.

###Useful links###
FAQ Wiki : github.com/numerai/faq/wiki
Slack : numerai.slack.com
Medium : medium.com/numerai
About Numerai : numer.ai/about


I don’t understand how this forum relates to the slack numerai forum. Please explain.


There are a lot of interesting discussions on slack, such as talking about the metamodel, the data, etc and after awhile they disappear. We wanted to make a place where people can have these discussions but in a more permanent way so that they are useful going forward. We are still planning on keeping our slack channel, because we have found that users really like it.


Is there any thought to reviving the About page? I found it was very handy as a way to introduce people to Numerai for the first time. There are still some great articles out there, like the Forbes piece about launching Numeraire, but having a 1st party About page is a great place to start for the uninitiated.

Apologies if it exists somewhere and I just can’t find it.


We are working on fixing it! We rewrote a bit of the front end for the new release and we didn’t get a chance to update everything before launch.


That’s awesome! Glad to hear it, and thanks for the update!


I have signed up but when I login to numer.ai, all I get is a black menu on the left of the screen and the rest is blank. Most of the links in the menu, such as Rules, Settings, don’t work. Clicking on them does not display anything. What gives with your website?


@Liborator, have you tried logging in since this issue? I just tried and was able to successfully access those links you mentioned. It’s worth noting that it seems there was a UI update, @jonathan or @geoffrey can confirm if this was the case. If that’s what happened, it’s possible you tried logging on during an update.


@AntMan - I have since especially registered on Slack and some guys there advised me that it is broken on Firefox but works on Chromium, which I can confirm is the case. I still don’t get anything on Firefox.

I thought at first that it was just your way of stopping too many people joining up :wink:


@Liborator thanks for letting us know! Chrome is definitely the best browser to use- and how I checked logging in myself -but it’s good to know Firefox is having some issues. Seems like Safari is as well.

If you notice any other browsers, feel free to let me know!


Hey, @Liborator.

Since a few minutes ago, everything should be working in FireFox and Edge again.