Are there tournament rules that can be violated

Sometimes the “rules of tournament” are discussed.
But where can I find the rules? Is there anything written in the docs?

e.g. there was a discussion at “daily scores and chill” about limitation of 15 models per person, which is naturally given by the limit of 15 modelslots per user-account. In older days there was no multimodel and therefore it was allowed to have 3 different user accounts to be able to submit at least 3 models per user. Maybe there are some users who still use different accounts. But they should have to ensure, not to use more than 15 models, so was the spirit of the discussion.

So far so good.

But there are other aspects, which are not clear to me.

The first two questions are in some sense connected to the 15 model per user limitation.

sell predictions
It seems to be ok, to sell a prediction to a third person, which could stake on that, see the NFT-experiment. Is it generally allowed to give a prediction to a third person (for money or for free) and both submit the same prediction, or would the Numerai team suspects someone is using multiple accounts? Or the seller could produce more than 15 different submissions, and therefore track and backtesting >15 models.

team building
Is it allowed to build a team and each team member has a numerai account with 15 different models? I think, numerai would not be able to track this, unless the team members do not submit identical submissions. What, if the team consists of family members?

NMR transfers
Is it allowed to transfer NMR from userX-numerai-wallet to userY-numerai-wallet? Indeed I sent 5 NMR to my son numerai-account, who is 18 and who has started his first submission 3 weeks ago. On top of that I would like to send NMR to a friends numerai-account. Because of high gas prices it could matter.

All of this is technically possible for now, but does it violate any rules?

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  1. Sell predictions. No rules against it.
  2. NMR transfers. Perfectly legal. You might need to note those transfers once they exceed a certain amount for tax purposes.
  3. Team Building. Now this is the grey area. Numerai limits the number of models one can submit. Why?
    a. limit the amount of garbage being submitted?
    b. it gives somebody who has many models an unfair advantage?
    However, if you are building a team, there may be no way to track that. What if you are teaching a course in financial machine learning and your students submit all of their models to and then every class session model results are reviewed? What is the difference between that and having a team? I think that there are folks here who do exactly that and they are not being penalized. Maybe even encouraged? I don’t have all of the details, but it seems as those those teachers have access to a lot more information about the capabilities of different models than the average staking data scientist. On the other hand, not to pick too much on professors here, but its probably the case that some wealthier and well-connected folks that can mobilize groups of data-scientist-hacker-types from places in the world where labor is cheap are probably doing this also. But that is something that I have little actual evidence for – except for the one data point when, coincidentally, I think I actually managed to talk to someone who seemed to be doing exactly that sometime during the last 5 years. has not been clear on this point so I would be cautious about it only; a quick keyword search in the Docs shows nothing relevant to this question.
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At some point in the past I asked if it would be acceptable to form another account (other than my personal account with 15 models) for an organization that I have ownership in, and the answer was yes.

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So do you think that it is a general rule that one is allowed to form extra accounts for organizations one has ownership in? Out of curiosity, how much feedback and or profit do you get about the models’ capabilities through that organization?

i am not actively doing that. I think if it is an organization owned by more people than just me, it is fine. I don’t make the rules though!

:grinning: Greyer and greyer!

whom from the team should I ask about this, whom did you asked?

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sorry I don’t remember. probably any of them could point you in the right direction. the chat might be a good place to ask.

that topic was finally discussed in chat, see Numerai Community

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Can we team up on the portal? Or is it forbidden… If we can team up how to team up