Can I stake someone?

I don’t know how to code. I can barely read. Is there a market where people like me can stake data scientist with no stake?

Not at this time, but maybe someday. There is lots of interest it that, but it isn’t quite clear if that would help the metamodel or not, or whether it could be worked out without becoming a hugely complex boondoggle for the devs. (And whether it would even be legal.) However, there is nothing preventing you from making a private deal with a participant to do that – the terms and the risk being 100% between you and that person.


It can be done like in OTC:
Step 1: contact the model owner that you interest in and make a bilateral agreement between you two, fixing terms including the fee structure, lock period, etc… (though this contract has barely legal bound)
Step 2: the model owner create a dedicated model, and stake with the NMR you sent to him/her.
Step 3: the model owner submits the prediction in this model
Step 4: after n periods (or after a lockup period), you can reclaim the NMR net of performance fees.

Hello! I am working on an app for this. I have multiple family members who want to stake in my models and thought I would build a community app for this. Would love for you to be a beta tester once it is live!

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steps 2 and 3 aren’t exactly necessary. in my experience, people want to buy predictions from models they can see historical results from in recent rounds, and are content to accept a .csv of predictions each week and submit themselves.

API keys could potentially be used to submit for clients without providing the predictions to them, though I haven’t done this yet.

You can stake my model: Numerai


What does your app include? I have a skill that could be very helpful and I’m actually thinking the same.

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My models are available for staking. Here’s one: Sirbradflies

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I’m new to all this, literally my first day, but i firmly believe in this concept and the future is going this direction, as it should. I do trade daily, but mainly options throughout the day and I’d say the Nasdaq is what i do best in. I would love to get involved in something like this, but there would need to be a much simpler interface where you can just pick your stocks etc and go from there, but this seems super difficult right now with all the coding and figuring out what is what… Like i said it’s day 1, I used to work tech support/help desk for big companies, so i have a tech background, just no coding experience at all, besides very basic html and just editing code by searching google and using other peoples examples, but yeah coding is not for me… I will spend more time learning this though… sorry for long message, just a bit excited, i stumbled upon this and read basics of it all and the concept is something i been waiting for awhile now, but its on the ground level, this will be the future, mark my words… why wouldn’t it? Why would people use brokers when they can find much cheaper ways of growing their money… Anyways, keep me in mind for this test, i’d throw a couple dollars down and test it out, nothing crazy tho, like i said i’m fairly new at trading, so I’m in the early stages of growing my money… Thanks and again sorry i wrote a book… Oh and another example of this staking your money in other people trades, sort of like Etoro with cryptos? No regulation in cryptos, so im assuming thats why they can allow others to use other people investing strategies and go from there… Great concept, just not sure when or if they’d ever allow that in the markets, down the road i think for sure, but how long do we have to wait for that to happen… But def ways around it, like someone mentioned earlier by making personal deals with the investor they want to emulate, but that could go horribly wrong and it will, someone always tries to ruin a good thing, scammers everywhere, so yeah regulation would be good, just hope it sooner then later… anyways, keep me in mind… also if anyone has any links where i could learn more I’m always ready to learn, send me any info… Thanks… Good day and stay GREEN!!!