[Community Input] CoE Salary

The CoE has asked the community for input on payment for members.
It’s difficult to know right now how much time the CoE will spend on their duties, how much work they will accomplish, and how much value it will add back to the company.

  • Some salary but I’m not certain
  • 10 NMR month
  • 25 NMR month
  • 50 NMR month
  • 75 NMR month
  • 100 NMR month
  • No salary

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I’ll leave this open until the end of July, so we all have time to comment and discuss before voting.

Again, I can’t vote on this poll either. But count me in the No salary camp.


For all the CoE funding proposals, and now salary proposal… what’s the funding source?

I haven’t been able to find that basic info, after (just barely) searching for it.

I’m not 100% sure on this but based on what I’ve heard from @richai at the tail end of the first CoE video, and from @chanes it sounds like Numerai is the primary funder and will be for a while. I also think they’ve earmarked around $100k, and are eager to get projects going.

My thinking is, we need to fast track all barriers to operations and governance so they can get 100% focused on reviewing and generating projects.

That all could change over time of course.


The $100k was when NMR was at around $50. 2000 NMR x $50 = $100k. Most of that has already been spent I believe.

The initial deposit was $10k NMR and $10k ETH on May 10


I see, thanks for clarifying that. Hopefully I’m the only one confused about this.

Poll closes Friday 7-30-2021.
This is just a nudge for visibility.

I still don’t understand the amounts. Is $10k NMR = 10,000 NMR or $10,000 USD in NMR? In any case, any salary should be in USD (or some fiat) equivalent, not a fixed NMR amount (even if paid in NMR) or else some terms of office could be getting paid 10x some other terms just because NMR price. I can’t really vote for any of these options except “I’m not certain”.

approx. how many hours do the CoE spend per month on their duties?

I get that, I just didn’t know how else to structure it. Most bounties etc. are flat NMR amounts, not broken out into different exchange rates based on location, so I followed that structure. Mostly I was trying to help gauge the communities thoughts on whether the CoE should be paid, so they know where everyone stands. If you have a better idea for actually structuring the pole that will be fair and consistent to all council members, I have no issue restructuring the thing. At this point, though it might not make sense and the community consensus is pretty overwhelmingly against the members receiving pay.

@neiliz we don’t really know yet. @hb1 has indicated he has about four hours a week. I’m certain other are putting in a lot more than that. Some of the arguments could be based on output, what do they collectively achieve each month, how many proposals are reviewed, how much funding is allocated, etc?

It’s one of those discussions we should probably have at some point (especially if they do receive pay) but I also hate to see everyone get mired down in that right now. We want to keep them as agile as possible so they can move directly into value generation.

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