Diagnostics on the models "more" tab doesn't work

Nice new layout with new features (just used the “rename” option), but diagnostics is broken on the new “more” tab in models. I click it and just get a small panel that says “Diagnostics”. I assume this is the title and for some reason the information isn’t found and printed.

Tried firefox and chrome browsers with no luck

Just noticed the diagnostics panel on the main page is also missing information


I have the same issue, but also cannot see my diagnostics in the leaderboard page since 24 hours ago.

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I have the same issue, no Diagnostics are visible and no confirmation email

Let us have the diagnostics back! Some of us do not use the “off the shelf” packages in Python and rely on the diagnostics totally.

Yey, It’s working again!
I was curious to see what happens just averaging the predictions directly for a “good” model and a “poor” which peaks when the “good” hits the bad out-of-bounds negative CORR. A bit like mixing a good wine and bad wine and getting a better wine.

Diagnostics look good!

It is working again, thanks