Help with compute (error 137 with multiple predictions in single node)


Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature :wink: With numerai cli 0.3.0 I setup a node, after testing locally if the docker container was running as expected I deployed it. Here is the logic:

  • Download data, read tournament data
  • Load model 1 (the one with the webhook setup), predict and submit
  • Load model 2, predict and submit

I’m getting an OOM Error 137, somewhere between model 2 load and predict functions (not always at the same place).

What I’ve tried:

  • use 30GB of RAM for the node, didn’t help, and delete files from disk when they aren’t necessary anymore to no avail
  • running on a 30GB machine and checking RAM usage, the max usage was ~45% (during this test I didn’t call napi.upload_predictions(...) maybe that matters?)
  • then I realized that a kill signal could come after the model-1-with-webhook successfully upload its prediction, so I changed the order: model 2 first then model 1, same issue after model 2 successfully upload its predictions

My question is: is it possible to submit multiple predictions (for as many models) with a single node?

Otherwise the compute 0.3.0 is really cool and easy to use, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @lysk - I’ve been struggling with this same issue too for the last 24 hours but I may have found a solution.

When I first ran numerai node config and looked at the ~/.numerai/nodes.json file it created, I saw that the CPU and RAM were not what I wanted. So I changed those lines to read:

"cpu": 4096,
"memory": 30720

I tried deploying and testing, and it crashed with:

Task is stopping...
Container Exit code: 137
Reason: OutOfMemoryError: Container killed due to memory usage

So I looked at the actual Task definitions via the Amazon website (log in to their web console and go to Amazon → ECS → Task Definitions). There I saw that the RAM and CPU settings were still at their previous values, which were too low for me.

A little digging showed me that the terraform.tfstate file in my .numerai folder ALSO has those CPU and RAM values set. In other words, my manual change of nodes.js does not trigger a change throughout the whole system like I thought it might.

The way I fixed this was to run:

numerai node config -s mem-lg

Which put the right values in both the nodes.js file and the terraform.tfstate files (and perhaps elsewhere too). When I did this and deployed, the task on Amazon finally had the proper CPU and RAM limits. And just ran to completion successfully.

I hope this helps!


Hello @profricecake

That worked out (numerai node config -s mem-lg), like you I initially assumed that manually updating nodes.json was enough. Thanks!

My Task Definitions tab is empty (both tabs: active and inactive) even when it’s running. I’ll try to figure out how to see the task to check the resources. So my Task Definitions tab was empty… because I wasn’t looking at the right region. Solution: from the billing dashboard → Billing details → ECS, there the region used by ECS is indicated. Now back to ECS → Task Definitions, in the top right corner there is a menu to change region.

For anyone wondering about costs, spending the weekend trying to make it work with many runs failing halfway through was about 0.12$.