Multi model support

What’s the significance of model-id while submitting? Can it be any string that I can use to identify my model?
If I want to submit 2 models (with different stakes) what’s the procedure for that?

p.s. I am familiar with multi model support but don’t know how to use it.

The model_id identifies your model to numerai. Model name is to model_id what hostname is to IP address.

In Python, I do this:

import numerapi

napi = numerapi.NumerAPI(public_id=public_id, secret_key=secret_key)
napi.upload_predictions(path_to_predictions, model_id=model_id)

I get public_id from, upon clicking the VIEW API KEYS button. secret_key was shown once when I created my webhook. I assume you have to destroy and recreate the submit webhook to get a new secret key. (In practice I store these things in Google Cloud Secret Manager.)
model_id is the UUID for your model which is obtained from

To manage your stake, use

napi.stake_increase(nmr=nmr_amount, model_id=model_id)
napi.stake_decrease(nmr=nmr_amount, model_id=model_id)

I don’t know how to delete a pending stake change using the API.

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