Network fee for transfering NMR more than the value of NMR?

Hi everyone. Relative crypto noob here trying to transfer some NMR I bought on Coinbase to my Numerai wallet to begin staking on models. I bought $10 worth of NMR, which equaled ~0.2112 NMR. When I go to transfer all of this to my Numerai wallet, the network fee at Coinbase is about ~0.20 NMR, meaning that I lose pretty much all of my NMR in the transfer, and sometimes the net value is negative.

Is this normal to have such high network fees? Is the solution to transfer larger amounts of NMR so that the network fees don’t eat up the entire amount?

Does anyone have any other advice on how to transfer NMR into your Numerai wallet? Sorry if this is a basic question - I haven’t ever transferred crypto across wallets before.

Thank you!


Coinbase covers the ETH transaction fee by charging you a fee in terms of the token being traded. They also charge a small premium.

For example, see my deposit:

Coinbase paid 0.00295125 ETH from their ETH reserves to cover gas (about $4.31 at the time). On my end they charged me 0.10784108 NMR (about $4.47 at the time). They keep the difference of 16 cents.

At the end of the day it depends on network traffic on the ETH blockchain. I’ve seen transaction fees as low as $2 and as high as $60, so just check at different times during the day to see if moving your crytpo is worth it. And moving as much as you can in a single transaction is always best practice.


Get fiat changed to NMR with a cost effective way is still a challenge. I used to transfer 200 USD to numerai, and lost 7%, including those service fee, exchange rate, gas fee, etc.

Still trying coin base and binance. If u have a good channel, pls also help share here.

Now I’m facing 9NMR withdrawing fee at Bittrex (with current eth gas price 80Gwei) instead of normal 0.1-0.2 NMR. kind of restrictive.

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Is Coinbase Pro not free? You can transfer them there and then withdraw them for free.

Coinbase not avaible in my country.