Newbie question

I have been browsing around and happened upon the concept of a sell signal is 0-0.5 and buy is 0.5 -1 in the Forums. So I now know that I can probably upload a CSV file with tickers and signals to Buy or Short stocks? I think. But of course, I’ll need to close those trades out at some point to show they were profitable.
Where is all of this explained?

[Background: I have easylanguage code from Tradestation that I use to buy and sells stock automatically - which I think I should be able to use in this system?]

Hi! I think i’ve got your point, you can of course upload the CSV file, but it wont be possible to stop your positions (like in those trades that you have been done). Everytime when you submit one new predictions at the weekend, they will start to be evaluated in Wednesday and finish at Monday (with payments one day after) without any user interference in the middle time.

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