No module named 'kronos' in ubuntu

I’m using AWS (ubuntu instance) and django.

In ubuntu, I did sudo pip install django-kronos.

But, When sudo python3 runserr --settings=health.settings

Import Error: No module named 'kronos'   


Kronos works well in locals. Why I get the error in ubuntu??

Maybe use pip3?
As in: sudo pip3 install django-kronos

if we can get Kronos to a position where it’s plausible for a fairly knowledgeable Ubuntu sysadmin-type user to install it and start playing with it, then people will just have a play with it. If we require people using [kronos] to come to the party with a high spec, new, clean, dedicated box, then we’re going to have fewer people trying it out.
(Kronos Workforce | A Complete overview of Kronos Workforce in detail)