Numerai Datasets url

So I noticed when I downloaded the Live Data it came from numerai_datasets s3 bucket.

Without downloading the entire files for Validation or training I could not see their respective endpoints.

My question…
What are the urls for the training,live and validation datasets?

I want to pull all of the data by their URL. I assume they are all in a s3 bucket and that maybe I would have to point to the specific folder.

Exact endpoints anyone?

If you do an api query like this:

query {

you’ll get a result like this:

  "data": {
    "listDatasets": [

And then to get the download link for the file you want, do another query like this:

query {

to get your s3 aws link:

  "data": {
    "dataset": ""

api at :

If you are using Python:

pip install numerapi

to get all available datasets

import numerapi
napi = numerapi.NumerAPI()

to download one of them:

napi.download_dataset("v4/live.parquet", "live.parquet")

numerapi documentation: numerapi package — numerapi 2.12.0 documentation