Numerai rounds to era

Hi, is there a mapping from the numerai rounds, like 339 resolved last week, to training/validation data eras? Round 1033 seems to be the latest era with main target not NaN. So I assume that round corresponds to 339? Rounds 1034 to 1038 inclusive all have NaN for the main target, so I presume they correspond to Numerai Rounds 344, 349, 354, 359, 364?


My vote is for Numerai to simply include a “round” column that has the integer round number where appropriate and N/A everywhere else. So many of us are trying to work with this mapping, we might as well get it straight from the source.


I think it is like this, but please confirm for yourself

def era_to_saturday_round(era):
    saturday_round = era - 695
    if saturday_round > 339:
        saturday_round = 339 + 5*(saturday_round - 339)
    return saturday_round

def saturday_round_to_era(saturday_round):
    if saturday_round > 339:
        return 339 + 695 + int((saturday_round - 339)/5)
        return saturday_round + 695

Thank you! This helps knowing others think similarly.