Numerai Tax Advantaged Accounts

Has anyone set up or have advice/knowledge if it is possible to set up a 529 fund with this as an asset (the NMR coin and tournament stakes)? Also would be curious if people were able to use funds from other tax advantaged accounts like trad/roth 401ks/IRAs, HSAs to invest in this. I imagine only a self-directed IRA could do so, but I have 0 experience with that. Thanks.

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I’d be curious to know as well. Not sure about accounts dealing directly with NMR, however, I did try to get my Financial Institution to provide access to the Numerai Fund. Because, while I can’t personally provide the minimum requirement for investment, I figured it would be easy for a big firm to amass enough support from their clients. They were quite interested but said at the moment it didn’t meet their minimum requirements in terms of having at least a 5yr history in the marketplace. So I’ll try again after they’ve had more run time.


Well, I am thinking the main reason to use tax advantaged funds like Roth IRA is that the capital gains will not be taxed. In such a case, it would make sense to put the highest yielding assets in these accounts (otherwise when you pay tax now or later it doesn’t matter too much if the circumstances are similar). I feel the numerai payouts for the DS would do better than most other investments.

As an extreme example, Peter Thiel has a $5B self-directed Roth IRA because the $2000 after tax dollars he put into it grew a lot due to paypal, FB, and others.