Numerapi command line interface with new data format

Hi - I’m using uuazed’s numerapi command line interface to download the Numerai data (scripted). I cannot really find the right option to change to the new data format. In fact, ideally I’d like to download only the tournament parquet file (as the other files don’t change that often). Can somebody help me out here?

napi = numerapi.NumerAPI()
napi.download_dataset( "numerai_tournament_data.parquet")

This is what works for me!

Indeed, the cli interface doesn’t work with the new data yet. I’ve ticketed it and will take a look soonish. Of course, PRs are welcome :wink:

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Nice. Does uploading work with both old and new datasets?

(Small comment BTW: the warning says “use download_dataset_old” but should say “use download-dataset-old” (for command line users))

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Thanks for pointing out the type, I fixed that. Uploading now also works for both datasets when using the command line interface. You need to add --new-data flag