Problem with features.json

I don’t fount the groups “feature_litigant_unsizable_rhebok” , “feature_subfusc_furriest_nervule” ,
“feature_smuggest_galvanic_memorial”, “feature_shrinelike_unreplaceable_nitrogenization”,
“feature_synodal_feisty_weave” belong to.
I refer to one of the groups: intelligence, charisma, strength, dexterity, constitution, wisdom, agility, serenity, sunshine, rain, midnight.
They aren’t in any of these groups and when I check the position in the columns of the datasets I see the feature number are 14, 214, 414, 614 and 814.
Very strange…
Could someone check this?
Seems I have a problem reading the features.json or there is a true problem with this features.

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