[Proposal] Numerbay staking reward split

With the current setup it’s hard to gauge how much a buyer on NumerBay would need to stake on a model/signal e.g. if a upload file for a signal or model costs 1 NMR, how much should you stake? One way to solve this is by having a split on the staking rewards, e.g. 95% of reward goes to staker, 5% goes to the model/signal provider as opposed to a fee for the upload file.


Yes, I will soon make a wiki post to gather requirements for a smart contract that would allow this


this is a great feature we should include in numerbay, which getting our marketplace more closer towards money management operation model.

agree, this feature will be awesome to have

Is the Wiki post up? I can help updating anything Python related

It’s here: [Discussion] NumerBay Direct Staking w/ Profit Sharing - #16 by restrading

Although it’s not a wiki post (I lost the permission to create wiki), feel free to comment below.