[Milestone] NumerBay Stake Mode Beta

NumerBay (https://numerbay.ai/) stake mode is now live for beta! Thanks for your support as always.

DISCLAIMER: NumerBay is in beta and may have unexpected issues. This is NOT an official Numerai project. Neither Numerai nor NumerBay will be liable for any loss.

This is the final milestone for core features as laid out in the proposal. However, there will be other feature releases and enhancements from time to time.

For issue reporting and feature requests, please feel free to post in the #numerbay channel in rocket chat or DM me.

What is Stake Mode?
Previously the on-platform sale on NumerBay requires distribution of predictions files to buyers and provides no means of automation for submissions. When a product is listed in stake modes, NumerBay submits for the buyers without distribution of raw files. Sellers can also choose to impose a Stake Limit for their customers.

Listing Modes

  1. Distribute File: Buyers can download files. Sellers can either upload file artifact or add external URL. Buyers can optionally choose to desginate a model slot for submission during checkout. The file to submit will be the latest CSV artifact file uploaded by the seller
  2. Stake Only: Buyers cannot download files. Sellers can only upload file as product artifact. Buyers must designate a model slot for submission during checkout.
  3. Stake Only with Limit: Same as above but with a stake limit for buyers. Target Stake Value is calculated as TARGET_STAKE = CURRENT_STAKED_AMOUNT + PENDING_STAKE_CHANGE. When TARGET_STAKE > STAKE_LIMIT, the pending stake change will be set to keep the target stake value below the stake limit.

(Optional) Artifact Validation Endpoint for API Users
A new artifact upload validation endpoint is now available. API users can call this endpoint after uploading artifact to NumerBay to get immediate confirmation of upload success/failure, instead of waiting for 10 minutes. This makes the API workflow similar to Numerai’s (request upload URL → upload → validate). Buyers who have emails will receive notifactions for the new upload. Submissions will happen for confirmed orders immediately.

Please refer to the example notebook for details: https://github.com/councilofelders/numerbay/blob/master/NumerBay%20Example.ipynb

Know issues and temporary workarounds

  1. There may be payment confirmation failure if a buyer tries to buy multiple products concurrently. [Workaround: Buy one product at a time, only start buying something else when the previous order is confirmed]

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Project Updates

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Dev Updates and Feature Releases
See #numerbay channel in rocket chat

Thank you and happy sailing on NumerBay :slight_smile:


The correct way to do stake mode, is for the buyer and seller to agree on a comission rate. E.g. if the agreed rate is 1%, then the buyer could stake 100 NMR and pay the seller 1 NMR… OR stake 735 NMR and pay the seller 7.35 NMR, and so forth. This gives the smooth scalability, that buyers and sellers will want.

To get the same effect, from “Stake Only, with Limit”: the seller would set the price at 1 NMR, and the limit at 100 NMR. Then the seller can only get full value, by staking a whole multiple of 100 NMR, and making the same transaction that many times.

Since 100 NMR would be too much for most prospective buyers, the seller will adjust by also offering the same prediction at a price of 0.1 NMR, with a stake limit of 10 NMR. And so on, and so forth…

That’s the crufty noise, your platform will have to deal with… unless you provide the natural, intuitively expected comission rate model in the first place.

EDIT: Restrading made a very strong case, that “tiered pricing” will provide the needed flexibility, in some ways even more (like price breaks for higher volume). It’s kinda complicated, and my models aren’t currently good enough that I need to figure it out yet.

Go over to #Numerbay on chat, to learn more.