[Proposal] OpenSignals Development

  • Proposal: OpenSignals (GitHub - councilofelders/opensignals) is an open source library with goal of enabling new users to quickly download data (from any source) and submit predictions to the Signals tournament. Anyone in the community can work on the project.
  • Timeline: @jrdi has already forked his ysignals project into opensignals and this new library should see ongoing development.
  • Best case outcome: Success would include at least two more data sources being integrated into the library, a healthy issues and reporting section, etc. We have done initial spec’ing of the library here: OpenSignals Spec Outline - Google Docs. New users get onboarded to the Signals tournament due to ease of use of the opensignals.
  • Worst case outcome: Development of the library stagnates, bugs go unnoticed and small errors compound to reduce Signals meta-model efficacy.
  • Success criteria: A healthy github repo with issues, pull requests, etc. The signals example script should use opensignals to improve the readability and “iterability” of the code.
  • Funding: Retrospective funding to @jrdi in the amount of $1750 (~35 hours @ $50/hr). Exact number of NMR to be determined at time of payment, roughly 46.6 NMR at current prices. Ongoing payments should be made post-hoc as pull requests are incorporated and the value of each pull request is assessed.
Should this be funded?
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I would also vote for a higher rate of pay to @jrdi for the initial development of this if it landed on the forum. I think $50 an hour going forward for contributions and expansion is fine.


Great proposal @jrai. I’m eager to see OpenSignals growing and others contributing with their ideas!

One thing is not covered here is the amount of time and how are we going to organize to review issues and PR. Perhaps this proposal is not the place to discuss it but worths to keep it in mind.

Also, one of the first steps/projects I’d like to do is adding basic unit testing to make merging PR easier.



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Sent first NMR related to this proposal to @jrdi ($1750 43.6 NMR @ $40.16/NMR, calculated time of transaction creation)

I like that this has both retrospective and prospective funding components. There are a lot of libraries and scripts that add a ton of value to the community that have already been built. But now that the CoE exists, we shouldn’t want to put a hurdle of proposals and bureaucracy in front of creating value. People should still continue to build and experiment without red tape. We need to signal: build cool things and have a high likelihood of being funded for them retrospectively.