Public AWS AMI instance?

I’ve reached the limits of what my poor laptop is able to crunch, so I’ve begun to explore some other cloud compute options.

Colab: Seemed like it might be promising, however even with their GPU instance it looked like I was going to exceed their time limit, and I found the system to be a little flaky at times. I had a Google drive mounted which stored an enormous amount of data I had written out for feature extraction that became corrupted and will now have to regenerate all that training/validation extracted feature data.

At the moment I’m exploring the use of EC2 and S3 with amazon and the Saturn service for Jupyter notebooks. If anyone has horror stories about this I would appreciate hearing them before I get in too deep.

I’m also wondering, and the main reason for this post, if anyone has already assembled or come across a pre-configured AMI that might be more specific to Numerai. Such as having already installed proper versions of python, tensorflow, etc… as well as the numerai module for down/uploading data and predictions. Ideally something with GPU support (I’m not sure if AWS offers TPU devices).

I’d appreciate any advice from folks that have already traveled this path.

AWS and google are two known options - you can contact their support team and ask them about it and may be they can help you.

Contacting them is your best option otherwise maybe there is other option which provide exactly what you need - but you need to find that out. Your best option is twitter or facebook group.

tag like minded people their and they might be able to help you.

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