Selling Predictions via NumerBay

Can someone help me understand how NumerBay works? I see others here who are selling their predictions for 1 NMR, but I do not feel that is enough to make selling on that platform worthwhile.

I am thinking of putting my main model for the regular tournament for sale, but I don’t really understand the ramifications. For the past 13 weeks (include unresolved weeks) since I have started, it averages 0.0320 corr, 0.0156 MMC and 0.0432 TC.

I also have another one that averages 0.0311 corr, 0.0087 mmc and 0.0274 TC over the past 15 weeks. I also have some other NN models that I just developed, but will still need time to evaluate for TC.

Thanks for any help.


Hi @dzheng1887 you can list at any price you are comfortable with, and you can also set different price levels for different options (e.g. 3 NMR for stake only submission without files, 5 NMR for getting the files, etc.)

You can follow the steps here to get your models listed: Sell a Product | NumerBay

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it costs nothing apart from 5 minutes of your time to sell on numerbay. as you’ve already created predictions for the main tournament its a no-brainer to get them on numberbay - if they’re any good. what’s your ranking? don’t want to sound like I’m boasting but I’ve earned a decent return from numberbay - for not much effort.



Thank you for your advice and sharing your experience. The rankings are not that great because I’ve only been running the models for 15 weeks.

One thing I wasn’t sure about is if the TC Would change much if others stake on it too

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sounds like TC is significantly impacted only on very high stakes… there was a post by mdo saying just that i think.

if your model is good or highly rankedthough , get it on numberbay and make some loot! what’s the model name you’re thinking of selling preds for ?


Thanks for that, I’ll take a look. I can offer on these two, but their tournament experience is limited. The validation diagnostics also looked good though.


They look thoroughly decent! Nowt to lose by trying to sell them. Nothing at all.

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Thank you! these were made on v3 data. Haven’t really had a chance to look at v4 yet. Wanted to pivot to signals as well.

Do buyers automatically get my predictions, when they buy it, or do I have to send the the files manually?
How does it work?

@nyuton You need to upload through the UI or the numerbay Python client. You can set up automation so you don’t have to do manually. Automate Submissions (seller) | NumerBay

Also remember that you cannot upload the predictions before someone actually bought the predictions. I’ve automated the upload process, but sometimes my pipeline finishes before a sale and I have to then manually upload that sale using the UI.

@themicon that’s the case for encrypted listings. If a listing is not using encryption then it can be uploaded anytime.

For encrypted listings you can either automate via webhook (docs here) or do the NumerBay submission close to the deadline to cover all existing orders (but make sure to do it at least 30 minutes before round deadline)

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