Signals baseline covering most of the universe?

Hi all!

Yahoo Finance only covers 1500 tickers.
But the full universe has 5500 stocks.
I’m looking for a way to cover much of the full universe, even if it costs.
Do you have any good baselines or suggestions?

To stake a lot, we want to increase corr score. It seems to me that full coverage data is needed for this.

I use Yahoo Finance and I get almost all the tickers. There are only 50 or so tickers that I don’t have. You should look into the opensignals project here: GitHub - councilofelders/opensignals

This will get you all the data from yahoo finance for almost all the tickers.


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Why this post showing in this forum ?

Thanks for informing about such a great module!
I didn’t know about it until now, and am starting to try it.
So far, it seems that my PC with 32G of memory is not enough and I get an memory error XD.
But obviously it’s a promissing project!