Signals diagnostic script

Does anyone know, how to calculate diagnostics properly for Signals?
I modified my scripts from the main tournament, but they give different results then what I get on the website.
What am I doing wrong? I can’t find the official scrips.
Here is mine:

def correlation(predictions, targets):
    ranked_preds = predictions.rank(pct=True, method="first")
    return np.corrcoef(ranked_preds, targets)[0, 1]

def score(df):
    return correlation(df['signal'], df['target'])    

def evaluation(df, plot=True):

    scores = df.groupby(df.index).apply(score)
    mean = scores.mean()
    std = scores.std(ddof=0)
    sharpe = mean / std

    sortino = 0
    if np.sum(np.minimum(0, scores))!=0:
        sortino = scores.mean() / (np.sum(np.minimum(0, scores)**2)/(len(scores)))**.5

    rolling_max = (scores + 1).cumprod().rolling(window=100, min_periods=1).max()
    daily_value = (scores + 1).cumprod()
    max_drawdown = -((rolling_max - daily_value) / rolling_max).max()

    if plot==True:
        cumsum = scores.cumsum()
        plt.plot(val.index.unique(), cumsum)    

    print(f'Weeks: {len(scores)}')
    print(f"Correlation sharpe: {sharpe:.4f}")
    print(f'Mean Correlation: {mean:.4f}')
    print(f'Correlation SD: {std:.4f}')
    print(f'Profitability: {(np.power(mean+1, 52)-1)*100:.2f}%')
    print(f'Drawdown: {max_drawdown:.4f}')    

    return mean, std, sharpe, sortino, max_drawdown

The Signals validation metrics given on the website are calculated after your predictions are neutralized to their features. It is not possible to replicate locally.