Signals sources: List?

I thought we could help eachother out get started with signals. From this page we can see a few suggestions.

Yahoo looks ok, its free and a tabular dataset.

What about the others? I spent a good 10 minutes clicking around Swaggy Stocks just to realize there is no tabular data you can scrape or download.

Why don’t we (or does it already exist) create a simple list with accessible tabular data for signals?

There is a forum post like this already: Free or cheap data and tools for Numerai Signals

Don’t know how updated it is though.

I use some Yahoo data, but I have found it needs a significant amount of cleaning, especially on some Asian stocks. Sometimes it’s missing data, and occasionally a whole set for a specific day will be off by a factor of 10.

I also use EOD Historical Data, which seems pretty reliable, but isn’t free. They don’t have Japan, and a few others.

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