Staking on Other Users’ Models: A System for Success

Also going to put this here for anybody that wants to check it out and give their feedback, you can reach me in rocket chat my name is “bensch” there. Steak on Kovan Test Network
Still working on it so currently it only supports being used on a development test network but I am hoping to get it all working for people to use on the main ETH network (if gas prices permit)

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While a great idea, I suspect this is already happening right. However, could this not open a new can of worms with regulation for the numerai token? Rather than it becoming utility. Will the regulators course issue for it.

Hello. I have been working on a beta version for something almost exactly what you are describing. Everything you are suggesting is similar or semi-similar to what I am building, the only difference I would say is, like any investment fund or asset managed by a third party (unless you partake in a Buffet Partnership like agreement), the model “manager” (or model builder) does not currently burn in any way. The idea behind such a model is like any investment fund, a fund (or staking on someone else’s model) is just another asset (a derivative of your numeral staking model) and thus you as the backer are taking a risk. The idea is you should do your due diligence and invest in someone’s model that has a track record of success or your backer is a family member, friend, etc (which is why I started building this in the first place). If you are interested in becoming a beta user I am popping up the beta sign-up page this week. Would love for you to try!



please do share the link when it goes live! :slight_smile:


@liz Awesome. Will do!

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