Where is my bounty?

Where should I ask for my bounty? Does anybody know?
This summer I posted this proposal to increase MMC reward and decrease CORR reward:
Few months later, the payout 1xCORR + 2xMMC was available in the tournament. Exactly the same ratio 1:2 that I proposed initially.
In another post,
I suggested that the best models would become MM clones unless MMC reward were increased compared to CORR reward. Just after the new payout (CORR + 2xMMC) were available, many new model with a significant MMC started to lead the leaderboard. In few weeks the MMC rank jumped from 0.01… to almost 0.03 for the top users.
My proposals not only have been adopted by Numerai, but also have proved to be quite useful for the MM improvement. As a result, I think I deserve the bounty that Numerai promises in this website.