Will we get a larger dataset with daily eras?

The transition from Dataset V2 → Dataset V3 gave us more eras with overlapping time periods. Now that Numerai is transitioning to daily rounds, are we going to get a Dataset with more, daily eras?

This question might have been answered already and I didn’t read.

I think there is some confusion about this generally, so just to clarify – the new “daily” eras are still predicting 20 days out (4 weeks), exactly the same as the “weekly” eras. So the only thing different about them is the days of the week they start and end. Whether you consider that important or not is up to you. But when we call them “daily” and “weekly” eras it makes it sound like there is a whole different time period involved, and there isn’t. (That’s why it probably isn’t necessary to change your models at all for the new rounds – they are the same as the old rounds just starting on different days of the week.)

Which is not to say that we shouldn’t get more data, but it won’t be fundamentally different data if we do.