Are single era downloads possible?


I am currently experimenting with a model that readjusts itself every week, but for that I always need the latest era with targets, so kind of a “rolling window” model. So far I downloaded the v4/validation.parquet file, which gets updated every week with new targets, but I think it is a bit time and resource intensive to download ~ 1GB each week when I just need one specific era.

Is there a way to get the latest era with targets?

If not, could the list of datasets (the one you receive with numerapi list-datasets) be extended with some number of latest single era datasets where the “oldest” is deleted every week to avoid clutter? So lets say current round is 100, then I would like to have something like (I dont now the exact timeframes for new targets, but you I hope you get the idea)

v4/round_87.parquet ← will be deleted next week
v4/round_88.parquet ← new update with 60 day target
v4/round_93.parquet ← will be deleted next week
v4/round_94.parquet ← new update with 20 day target

These files would probably have a size of about ~1MB.

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We don’t want any eras to be deleted entirely ever, but yeah if there was a way to download only the most recently added (with targets), that would be nice. I too download the whole thing every week and just pick the one new era off the top and throw the rest away (because I already have it). They’ve talked about making this capability to pick and choose which eras you want to download, but have not implemented it.

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Although there’s no officially supported way to do this (as far as I know), you could probably hack something together. You can add a byte range to an HTTP request so that you only download a portion of the file. Then you’d have to reverse engineer the byte range you’d expect for the era you want. But because the parquet file has a predictable structure this should be possible.

Not possible just yet, but I think this is a great suggestion and we will add it to our data API improvement roadmap!

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@wigglemuse Since you seem to have experience: Do you know when the validation.parquet file gets updated every week? I am done experimenting and want to actually implement it, but so far I don’t actually know when to download it

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From what I can tell, it gets updated with the rest of the stuff when the weekly round opens on Saturday. (And doesn’t get updated again until the next week.)

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