Beginner's luck?

Since my first trial of numerai last 6 months ago, I have stopped Numerai activity due to my new job seeking. And these days I forgot first trials for staking models and check the results. Then I got 2 silvers and 3 bronze. But those sharpe ratios at validation were at most 0.7. I saw much rather than sharpe ratio in this forum. Are these results good? And worth staking? Anyway I have done setup automatic submission.

Nobody knows. The problem with markets is that they change all the time, so your model could be good at the regime the market was in. Also, it depends whether you got nice results in the TC metric, because that’s where the big money is. If you want to compete and try new things I would recommend you to stake, it will motivate you to try harder. But if you are not planning to compete there is no point in staking because the markets are changing, the tournament is changing, and the models of other competitors are changing as well.

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I agree. I am not sure those model still competitive. I will see what is happening.