Can I change a model's name?

As other posts have pointed out, one ‘model’ (as recognized by the tournament) can receive predictions from whatever ‘model’ (i.e., user’s computation) a user chooses that week. That provides a way around the difficulty and delay, involved in changing how much is staked on what (tounament-recognized) model.

This handy work-around would be even handier, if the newly-sourced model could be re-named. No big problem, if it cannot.

Nope, not at this time.

UPDATE (June 24, 2021): Now you CAN change a model’s name. The option is now offered on the “Manage Models” page.

Thanks, Numerai!


On the top panel, where the models are listed by name, there’s a button labeled “More”. Hover over that, to see the “Rename Model” option.

good enhancement. thanks.