# Community Bounties for numer.ai participants


The Council of Elders is introducing a bounty system. All rejoice!

The objective is twofold:

  • To provide valuable feedback on community projects, and to improve their exposure.

  • To offer new numerati a way to earn NMR tokens without needing to engage with the cryptosphere.

What is the Bounty System?

The community bounties are tasks that involve testing various community-developed projects, such as numerbay, stake management, cloud computing, dashboards, and automation libraries. Each successfully completed bounty will reward a small amount of NMR.

Why This Matters

  1. Simplified Entry: This system provides a way to acquire some starting NMR tokens, especially for those without access to crypto exchanges.

  2. Improving Community Projects: Engagement with the projects build by the numer.ai community will improve these tools, to the benefit of everyone in the numer.ai ecosystem.

How it Works

  1. Review Available Bounties: Keep an eye on the forum for posts about new community-led projects that offer bounties for testing.

  2. Choose a Bounty: If a project interests you, review its specific post for details on how to participate in testing.

  3. Submit Your Feedback: Once you’ve completed the testing, provide your feedback according to the project’s guidelines. Provide your discord#1234 handle, so that we can contact you. When in doubt about who is contacting you, check with us in the #council-of-elders-chat channel in discord.

  4. Receive NMR: Upon successful review of your feedback, we will contact you for your numer.ai wallet address.

Final Thoughts

This bounty system provides a means for new participants to acquire NMR tokens while also contributing to the improvement and validation of community projects. Experienced participants are of course also welcome to participate and can claim a bounty.

If you are maintaining a community project relevant to the numer.ai tournament and you would like to propose a bounty, contact the Council in the #council-of-elders-chat in discord.

In the unlikely event that this community effort draws mass attention from the internet and is getting gamed, the CoE retains the right to limit how much NMR is being paid out.

Council of Elders